about us

Natural Apptitude is the leading software development company in the UK that focuses on creating citizen science focused, data collection apps and websites.

Our services

At Natural Apptitude we aren’t simply mobile app and website developers.  We spend as much time getting to know your project, your audience, your aims and how we can best help your project to succeed as we do actually writing code.  And we’re not just interested in superficial indicators of success, such as the number of downloads or page hits.  Many of our projects measure success based on more profound metrics such as long-term engagement and/or the quality of data that their project delivers. Whatever your project aspires to achieve we will work with you to help you realise your objectives.

intuitive, clean, efficient

Software development needs to be more than just creating good code. Projects must capture the essence of the subject and inspire your audience. To do this we spend time ensuring we understand not only the subject and your objectives, but also your customers. Our mantra is “Intuitive, clean, efficient.” Life is complicated enough without adding yet more things to think about. Fortunately, even the most complex of tasks can usually be broken down and simplified. Simplicity is not the easy choice. We spend time focusing on creating a great user experience by stripping away barriers to engagement. We design appealing, clean interfaces that people actively want to use.


As leaders in the field of developing apps for citizen science our projects have featured on the BBC’s One Show, Springwatch, Countryfile and also widely in the press.

Our projects

Our values

Great service and outstanding value

We chose to keep our business lean and adaptable. It’s a model that works well for us. As a company that deals with software we can work almost anywhere. Much of the time we work from home and meet several times a week to do the teamwork. And we have a core staff of permanent employees and a network of freelancers that we have worked with for many years. What this means for you is that you don’t pay for us to have an expensive office or lots of permanent staff that aren’t 100% utilised. You pay for what you need, when it’s needed – nothing more.

Support and being supportive

We hate being left out in the cold or kept in the dark as much as anyone. And that’s why, right from the get-go we decided never to shut the door on a project. We can’t promise to work on projects indefinitely but we can promise to be there to offer help and advice whenever it’s needed. And if we can fix or amend something for free, we will We also like to support our clients with getting their projects off the ground. We offer a formal marketing service but we also help out by default with any ad hoc work from getting involved in social media campaigns to taking your products to conferences and shows. And it’s not purely altruistic. After all, if you succeed, we succeed. It’s the way good business should work.

Innovation, where it matters

We love being innovative but only where and when it matters. If innovation doesn’t add value to a project then it’s superfluous. Improving the quality of data, automating processes that can be done as well if not better by a machine so that you can concentrate on other things are some of the tasks we like to tackle. See <here> for some examples of how innovative thinking has improved projects for our clients. 

Doing good

Many of our projects focus on benefitting the environment and we are experts in setting up and running citizen science projects to collect data on wide variety of species and issues. When we’re not doing that we like to work on projects that help improve lives and we’ve worked on some great health related initiatives. Even if a project isn’t environmentally or socially focused our business will be. We work with the University sector each year and mentor groups of students as they work through long term software projects for real clients.  We help to point them towards appropriate tools and methods and provide the injection of experience they need to keep a project on track and focused.