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Our passion is bringing projects to life. What drives us forwards is striving for that moment where a concept becomes a reality: where a project gathers sufficient momentum to acquire a life of its own.

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App development

Our expertise, coupled with a uniquely collaborative development approach, ensures that your app will be perfectly matched to the needs of your project.  With a strong focus on user experience we design apps that people love to use.

Website development

Your website serves many purposes and must meet the needs of your customers and fulfil your own requirements. Whether it’s a stand alone website or one that works alongside a mobile application we work with you to understand the requirements of the site and translate this into something that is both highly functional and beautiful.


Coreo is currently a purpose built, backend system for collecting data from apps and websites.  Used by the majority of our projects it serves as a convenient and sophisticated way to collect and manage data. 

However, Coreo is evolving.  We are currently in the process of building an ecosystem of tools around Coreo, which will enable you both to create and manage citizen science projects.

  • Collect, validate, analyse and classify data gathered by volunteers using either the web
    or a mobile application.
  • Build your own dedicated portal to inform users about the project, and give them a form to upload their own data.
  • Enable your users to classify your data in ways that suit your project.
  • Use our powerful visualisation tools to graph, map and export your data.

Marketing services

Having been successfully running app and web-based projects for over 5 years we are ideally placed to provide bespoke marketing services, to ensure that your project achieves the best results possible.  Our large existing network of contacts and customers means that we can give your project the support it needs to succeed.

Project Management

All development projects are comprehensively managed by Natural Apptitude from start to finish, by highly experienced staff, leaving our clients free to have as much involvement in the project as they wish.  We are also able to continue the management of projects after launch to ensure that they continue to thrive and produce the desired results.