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Wireless Sensing for River Catchment Monitoring

University of Bristol / University of Cardiff / Westcountry Rivers Trust

The WISECAM app enables people who are interested in monitoring their local waterway to collect and upload simple data on water quality and river conditions. Data may be collected using either conventional sensors or specially designed ETracers.

Users may simply visit their local monitoring site and enter the data into their phone or device. All readings are geo-located and time-stamped, so portable monitoring devices such as hand-held meters can be used in multiple locations. It supports water quality (NO3-, PO43-, NH4+, turbidity) and physical (EC, T and P) measurements, and also allows users to include field notes. Pressure readings are automatically converted to water depth by using the nearest Met Office barometric observation, and users may enter single values or multiple parameters at each point. All captured data are stored in the app, and then automatically uploaded when the user is in a region with wifi coverage. The goal is to provide a long-term record of baseline conditions in a watercourse, so that unusual events can be easily identified, explained and alleviated.

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