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Solent Birds

people powered bird conservation in the Solent

for Havant Council & the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership

The aim of the Solent Birds project is to understand the importance of the network of high tide roost sites and inland feeding areas within the Solent for the conservation of the overwintering bird populations, and how best to maintain and enhance these sites.

Record the birds you see

The Solent Birds app provides a really convenient, simple way to record the birds that you see when you’re out and about.  It features wonderful image galleries of each species and lots of information to help you if you’re not totally confident with your coastal bird life.  Each species has at least one sound recording too so that you can learn or check the calls out in the field.

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And record the birds you don’t!

Understanding where the birds don’t go is as important as knowing where they do so the project also features the ability to record absence information.  Telling us if there was disturbance at the site when you were there helps build the picture of why birds might be avoiding particular areas.

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Visit the website!

The website has lots of information on the project.  For those without a suitable smartphone it allows you to record your sightings.  It also shows you maps of where reports have come in, features a blog and a Twitter feed and has leaderboards showing who’s collecting the most records!

The website also allows the Solent Birds team to verify all of your data behind the scenes which ensures that the data from the project is as accurate as it can be.

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