SEWeb Soil Erosion project

SEWeb – Soil Erosion

Helping to improve our understanding of the UK’s precious soil resource

Scottish Environment Protection Agency

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Soil is one of our most undervalued assets.  But it is critical both to the overall health of the environment and to us.  This project seeks to gather more information on where and how our soils are being lost.

The website has lots of information about why we are interested in studying soil erosion, what to look for and also features an ID guide to the different types of erosion event you are likely to encounter.  Typically soil erosion is caused by agricultural practices that leave the soil exposed to the elements, or it is the result of excessive trampling by livestock or humans.

Soil Erosion ID Guide

This project is available to everyone in the UK.  The website enables you to quickly and easily upload images and locations of soil erosion and comment on the likely causes.   The site is also mobile friendly so that you can use it out in the field if you have data enabled.

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