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Find, ID & record animals whilst on safari in the Serengeti and help researchers monitor populations

Glasgow University

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This exciting project lead by scientists at Glasgow University is helping to collect valuable data on some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife, in one of its flagship reserves – Serengeti National Park.

If you are planning a trip to Serengeti National Park then this app will be invaluable in helping you to identify and track down different animals in the park and find out interesting facts about them. In addition to that, you will be able to share news, images and the locations of animals you spot with other people.

Use the ID Guide to explore the range of animals you are likely to encounter whilst on safari in the Serengeti.

The ID Guide lets you search, filter and sort the species to help you quickly locate the animal you are interested in.  You can also toggle between photo and list view.

The ID Guide also lets you favourite species of particular interest, such as those you see regularly to make it even easier to access them when recording out in the field.

From the ID Guide you can also view where sightings of the species you are interested in have been made, helping you to plan your trips in the field (note that the locations of vulnerable species, such as elephant and rhino, are not shown).

Click on a location marker to see more details about the sighting.

One of the major research elements of the project is tracking the movements of certain species within the national park. A number of wildebeest and zebra have been given GPS collars and you can view their movements from within the app by visiting the map page.  You can filter by species, time range and click an individual animal to see details and highlight its track line.

The map also shows any general sightings of all species made for the time period you have selected.  Again, you can click the location marker to view further details.