River Obstacles

finding barriers to fish migration

For the Environment Agency, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Rivers and Fisheries Trust of Scotland

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We need your help to find obstacles in rivers and determine whether they present a threat to fish migration.

Your records will help the partner organisations to identify obstacles that can be removed from rivers, and prioritise improvements to other obstacles that will yield the most significant environmental improvements.


Why are we interested in barriers?

Whether it’s a weir or a fallen tree across a river we’d like to know about it.  Many migratory fish species such as eels and salmon are declining and obstacles in rivers are playing their part in this worrying drop in numbers.

Recording made easy

Use the app to submit a simple record of just a photo, its location and the obstacle type or choose to provide more in-depth info about its characteristics including passability to a variety of fish species.

Keeping up-to-date

The River Obstacles website features lots of information on the project and what we are doing.  You can view summaries of the data that’s been collected and download all of the results.   New features will be added in the near future included maps of all the barriers.

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