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Discover the mosses of the Peak District

for the Peak District National Park Authority

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MoorMOSS is part of a series of 4 apps produced for the Moors for the Future project.

The four apps have been developed to help visitors to the moors learn more about the plants, wildlife and landscape features they may come across.  Designed with the Peak District and South Pennines in mind, they will, however, be useful on moorlands across the UK.

Sphagnum mosses and related species

Primarily a field guide to the Sphagnum mosses found in the Peak District National Park and South Pennines this app features 12 of the UK species that you are most likely to see.  The app also covers several other common moss species, along with some of the more striking lichen and liverwort species you are likely to encounter.

MoorMOSS app species list

Detailed ID guide

Each species has a photo gallery and an information page which covers its appearance, key ID features and shows the UK distribution.


MoorMOSS app species info page