Mammal Tracker

mapping the UK's mammals

For the Mammal Society

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Help the Mammal Society to collect more data on the distribution and abundance of the UK’s mammal species.  Each record received helps paint a clearer picture of how our furry friends are faring which ultimately helps us protect them better.

Identify mammals

A clean, simple interface focused on showing images of the different species to aid identification. You can ‘favourite’ species for quick reference and make use of search / filter functionality

Mammal Tracker app favourites

Detailed Info

Each species has a page full of information about its appearance, distribution and ecology.  There are also photo galleries covering the species in question but also other similar looking mammals with annotations to point out the critical differences.

Mammal Tracker species info page

Mammal Tracker website

We’ve also created a website for access to species maps, blog posts and further information on the project

Mammal Tracker website screen grab