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Mammal Mapper is a free app that we developed for the Mammal Society.  It is designed to enable you to record signs and sightings of mammals in the UK.

You can record Mammals along any route, whilst you’re walking/running/cycling or even as a passenger in a car.  It also allows you to record one-off sightings, for example, a hedgehog in your garden.

All of the data gathered is valuable to inform the conservation of the UK’s mammals.

The app provides you with a field guide in your pocket to all of the regular terrestrial mammals in the UK.  Due to the difficulties with identifying bats, these have been omitted from this app.

Using the app you can enjoy building a list of the mammals you have spotted whilst contributing towards important research and mammal conservation.

Recording your mammal sightings can be great as a family activity or something you do every day when you’re walking the dog, even if you walk the same route every day. It’s also very important to tell us when you don’t see anything, as this gives us a much clearer picture of how mammals are doing where you are.

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The Mammal Mapper app also allows you to record other valuable information such as how far away the animal was from you and where the animal was in relation to your position – thus enabling you to place your mammal observations correctly in the landscape.

The app also allows you to take and upload images of your sightings, where this is possible.

Orientation tool in Mammal Mapper App - Natural Apptitude

In addition to a list view of the animals you spot on your route, the app also provides a map visualisation of your transect with all of the animals and/or their tracks and signs shown spatially.  This data is also provided to the data verifiers making it easy for them to understand the sightings on a geographic

Mammal Mapper Transect

Most wild mammals, including rabbits and iconic species like hedgehogs and mountain hares, are very poorly monitored. This makes it difficult to know which regions or habitats are most important for them, or to detect changes in their ranges and population sizes. As such, all of the records that you submit through the app are very important in helping us to understand the distribution, abundance and conservation status of British mammals.

Your records are submitted to Coreo – a dedicated platform for collecting citizen science data.

Records will be verified by experts in UK mammals and the data used to further conservation.