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Little is still known of the distribution and population trends of most mammals. This free app, created by The Mammal Society, can be used to help address this problem.

Mammal Mapper allows you to record sightings of mammals (or their field signs) along a walked or cycled route.

The app records the length of your route and its duration, along with the number and location of animals seen.  This provides effort based data which is vital for assessing the population density of mammals in the landscape.


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The Mammal Mapper app also allows you to record other valuable information such as how far away the animal was from you and where the animal was in relation to your position – thus enabling you to place your mammal observations correctly in the landscape.

The app also allows you to take and upload images of your sightings, where these are possible.

Orientation tool in Mammal Mapper App - Natural Apptitude

In addition to a list view of the animals you spot on your route, the app also provides a map visualisation of your transect with all of the animals and/or their tracks and signs shown spatially.  This data is also provided to the data verifiers making it easy for them to understand the sightings on a geographic

Mammal Mapper Transect

Your records are submitted to Coreo – a dedicated platform for collecting citizen science data.

Records will be verified by experts in UK mammals and the data used to further conservation.