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Made exclusively for the iPad this app makes science fun for kids and is designed for parents and their children to use together at home.  The app guides you through a series of interesting, fun and easy to do experiments and is designed to get kids hooked on science!

Meet Libby and let her guide you through the experiments contained within the app.

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Your task is to complete all the experiments shown on the tropical island.  Each experiment relates to the chemical or environmental feature shown on the map and will help your children have fun whilst learning about some of the key processes that make the world go round.

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Each experiment is supported by an engaging demonstration video made by one of the academic project staff at the University of Exeter and has a recipe card which will show you all of the items you need to complete the experiment.  Many are common household products and all of them are safe to use.

Every time your child completes a scientific experiment they’ll be shown a question to answer.  Get it right and they win a trophy scientific tool to add to their lab.  Once the lab is full they’ve become a fully fledged Libby’s Lab scientist.

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