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Please note that iRecord Ladybirds has now been removed from the app stores.  There are currently no plans that we are aware of to update it.

The UK Ladybird Survey was launched in 1968.  It collates and analyses records of ladybird species found across the UK, and maps their distributions.  The app was a major tool helping to “crowd source” data on these attractive beetles.  The information gathered will be used by scientists to see how wildlife is changing due to factors such as climate change and the arrival of new species such as the invasive Harlequin Ladybird.

Identify your ladybird and record a sighting

When you spot a ladybird identify it first using the Ladybird guide and then submit a record quickly and easily using the app.  It does all of the hard work for you including finding your location.

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There are how many ladybirds in the UK…???

The app features all 26 readily recognisable UK ladybird species and you can filter by colour to help you identify which you have found.  (In fact, there are 46 species of ladybird in the UK in total but the additional species are cryptic and difficult to identify).

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Detailed information to help you

Each species has a page of information detailing physical appearance, habitat, host plants, all of which are important when identifying species.  There is also a photo gallery and distribution map per species.

With this app you’ll be a ladybird expert (or at least an enthusiast!) in no time.

Ladybird app detailed species info page