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Crab Watch – A European citizen science project

A citizen science project monitoring Europe's crab species

Marine Biological Association

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Enjoy exploring the sea shore; interested in crabs; want to contribute to ocean science? As part of the SeaChange project we have developed the Crab Watch app to help people both learn about, and submit records of, the crab species they find on the shores around Europe.

The crab records that you submit will allow scientists to assess the distribution and abundance of both native and non-native crabs throughout Europe and assess the potential impacts that climate change and non-native species have on native populations.


The app includes a comprehensive crab identification guide featuring lots of useful information and clear photos of the most common European species, many of which are annotated to show you the key features.

You can also easily submit records of the crabs you find.  These records go into Coreo where they are verified by experts at the Marine Biological Association.

Become a citizen scientist; it’s simple, fun and will make a real difference to our understanding of Europe’s crabs.

Screen from the Crab Watch App showing ID Guide

You can find out more about the Crab Watch project, including viewing records on the Coreo site.  Simply visit

The Coreo based website for the Crab Watch citizen science project