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If you need to build a data collection app then Coreo is the ideal tool.

Coreo puts all the features you need right at your fingertips.

We have designed Coreo to be fast and simple to use.  However, you won’t have to compromise on features.  Read on to see what Coreo can do for you.

Create a data collection project

Creating your app is straight forward.  What’s more, you won’t need any specialist knowledge. You can share your app with your audience immediately.


Coreo - Create project image showing a phone and monitor

Collect data

As your audience collects data, their results are uploaded to Coreo. Collect whatever data you need – photos, videos and spatial data – it’s all possible with Coreo.

Coreo - Add project data image showing media types

Verify data

View all the data submitted by your audience in Coreo.

Easily filter, view, edit and export your records.

Coreo - Verify data image

Visualise your data

Share your data with your colleagues or the world!

Interactive maps are easy to add to your app and create a great way for people to engage with your project

Coreo - Visualise data image

If you would like to talk to us about using Coreo or would like to get a project up and running the we will be happy to help you.  Simply drop us a line at

Coreo - the complete data collection platform