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If you need to build a citizen science, data collection project then Coreo is the ideal tool.

Coreo puts all the features you need right at your fingertips.

We have designed Coreo to be fast and simple to use.  However, you won’t have to compromise on features.  Read on to see what Coreo can do for you.

Create a data collection project

Setting up a website and mobile app is straight forwards.  What’s more, you won’t need any specialist knowledge. You can then share these data collection tools with your audience.


Coreo - Create project image showing a phone and monitor

Collect data

As your audience collects data, their results are uploaded to Coreo. Sitting behind your project is a geospatially aware database that also accepts photos, videos and other media you might need.

Coreo - Add project data image showing media types

Verify data

You can sign into the project and see all the data that has been submitted.

Coreo presents this data in a variety of ways so that you can easily filter and view it.  At a glance information includes location, date, media files, recorder’s details and any other metadata submitted.

Each record can then be verified.  You can choose the verification model that best suits your project.

Coreo - Verify data image

Visualise your data

Show your data to the world!

You can choose from a range of ready-made visualisation options.

For example, show a pin map of the data and / or a table of records.  Maybe a bar or line chart would help too.  These appear on the Coreo based website, which is created for you automatically. Set this map and tabular view to show records as they come in or only once verified – it’s up to you!

See an example of a simple Coreo-based website visualisation for our Blooms for Bees project.

Coreo - Visualise data image

Classify data with a little help from your friends

If you have oodles of data and want to engage your audience more fully with your work you can also choose to enable them to help to classify your data.

It’s simple to set up and run.  Set the questions you want answered within Coreo.  For example, you might want to know “Is there a yellow snail in this photo?”.

Once that’s done, simply leave Coreo and your citizen scientists to do the rest!  What could be easier?

Coreo - Classify data image

Coreo is currently being developed for public use.  If you would like to talk to us about using Coreo or would like to get a project up and running the we will be happy to help you.  Simply drop us a line at

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