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Modelling slope stability to prevent landslides

University of Bristol

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CHASM is an integrated slope hydrology/slope stability software package. The software has been written to assist in the estimation of controls on slope stability.

CHASM is designed to help users estimate the effects on slope stability of selected storm events, surface covers, slope plan curvatures and other important slope and material properties.

The CHASM software has been used in many countries to assist with the evaluation of landslide risk for development.  In Malaysia the software has been used to produce risk maps along the length of highways.  These maps show where the priority areas are for stabilisation works and assist in calculating the costs of dealing with potential slope related events.

CHASM slope event image

Scenario modelling can be undertaken using, for example, the vegetation module in CHASM to show the impact of changing the vegetation cover.  These models can be fine tuned to individual situations to take account of the many variables that apply including the characteristics for the vegetation cover.

CHASM slope viewer image