the honey bee colony modeller

for Exeter University

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Bees are having a hard time of it these days. And understanding your colonies is essential to ensure healthy hives and happy bees.  This app, built for researchers at Exeter University, works directly with the BEEHAVE data model, which won the BBSRC Social Impact Innovation Award in 2017.

BeeMapp BBSRC Social Innovation Award
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The app can help to accurately simulate the development of honey bee colonies in a realistic landscape.  This enables bee keepers to plan ahead and evaluate when their colonies might experience stress caused by a wide range of environmental factors.

The app is available for both iOS and Android

A tool for beekeepers

BeeMapp acts as a tool for beekeepers and landowners to explore how forage availability can affect the development of their honey bee colonies.

Beekeepers are able to export data from the app straight into the BEEHAVE data modeller where other factors can also be input to fine tune the model.


BeeMapp colony page

Plot food sources

The app allows you to map food sources in the app whilst in the field.

You are able to choose from a selection of flowering crop plants or input another if not listed.

The app comes pre-programmed with the typical flowering periods of the main crop types.

Once the area of the forage has been mapped, the app calculates the nectar and pollen yield based on the data provided.

BeeMapp - area mapping in the app