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Barrier Tracker – Citizen Science App and Web Portal

Adaptive Management of Barriers in European Rivers

World Fish Migration Foundation, Swansea University

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We have designed the Barrier Tracker project to help scientists build the most comprehensive atlas of barriers in European rivers.  We have done this by enabling the crowd-sourcing of river barrier data right across Europe.  You can take part part in this exciting citizen science project by either using our app or the citizen science portal on the AMBER website.

The Barrier Tracker app and website portal are part of the international AMBER project (AMBER stands for Adaptive Management of Barriers in European Rivers).

The efforts of contributors to the project is helping the AMBER project team to map barriers in streams and rivers all across Europe and create a definitive European database of barriers.

The AMBER citizen science project aspires to help people to learn about barriers in Europe and their effects on the environment, particularly fish migration.

Ultimately the project is aiming to improve the connectivity of Europe’s rivers by managing the operation of barriers in our waterways.

Amber barrier tracker citizen science app

Using our simple app you can record any barriers you find in water courses.

Next time you are out fishing or for a walk with the dog and spot a weir or ford please let us know by using the app.

All you need to do is:

  • Take a photo of the barrier
  • Follow the simple instructions to identify and locate the barrier
  • Click Upload

It’s as simple as that!

You can also take part in the project using our citizen science web portal.  Here you can:

  • Help to classify the barrier images submitted by other citizen scientists using the app.  This will help us to keep our data accurate.
  • Find barriers using satellite imagery.
  • View records submitted by the app across Europe

Why not get started now and help improve the health of Europe’s rivers!

AMBER Barrier Tracker Citizen Science Portal