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fighting the spread of aquatic invasive species

the Environment Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Natural Resources Wales

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Our rivers, streams, lakes and ponds are under increasing pressure from invasive non-native species. Using AquaInvaders you will be able to help the Environment Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency discover just what the extent of the problem is.

Which species we are interested in

AquaInvaders covers fish (12 species altogether), crayfish (5 species), amphibians (4 species), Killer Shrimp, Zebra Mussel, Mink and many other unwelcome animal species that pose a threat to native biodiversity and/or threaten the integrity of our water ways.  For example did you know that Signal Crayfish carry “crayfish plague” which is fatal to our native white-clawed crayfish and that they can also cause serious bank erosion?

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Visualise data

Visit the project’s website to see maps that show you where each of the species in the app has been recorded.  You can also view information about each record by clicking on the data points on the map.

View summaries of the overall data to see how many records have been collected, which species (and recorders) top the leader polls!

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Keep up-to-date

The website also features lots of general information about the project in addition to giving you the option of recording species if you don’t have a compatible smartphone.  The blog features posts by the project partners to keep you in touch with findings and current news in the area.

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