Early riser? Interested in nature? Then this is the project for you!

Posted on March 13, 2024

It might still be a bit grey and chilly out there, but if there’s one thing guaranteed to lift everyone’s spirits, it’s the dawn chorus.

What if you could contribute to important scientific research whilst enjoying this daily symphony of nature?

Dawn Chorus is a free app designed by the Natural Apptitude team for BIOTOPIA, a German life sciences museum whose mission is to encourage people worldwide to collect bird songs for biodiversity research, art and to raise awareness about the wonders and threats to nature.

Birds have been particularly hard hit by the biodiversity crisis and their numbers are plummeting at an alarming rate, particularly in the UK, Germany and other European countries. Long-term collections of early-morning bird sound recordings can help detect changes in species distribution which may indicate population decline or the movement of species geographically due to habitat loss and/or climate change. By adding your recordings to the Dawn Chorus app, you will be contributing to vital research and helping to produce a clearer picture of the health of bird populations worldwide.

Dawn Chorus app screens - home

An exciting collaboration with BirdNET

An exciting addition to the app is on the horizon! Natural Apptitude and BIOTOPIA are working with BirdNET to integrate AI into the app, to help with species recognition. Prof. Dr. Florencia Noriega, Professor of Software Development at the Code University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, highlights the significance of AI in conservation:

“In conservation, AI can be very valuable to monitor the birds and other species that are present at a site. Using AI can help to cover large areas and assist us with understanding the human impact on animal populations. This can help us to develop appropriate conservation measures.”

Why not get involved this year and see what’s singing in your back garden or street? You don’t need to live in the countryside to take part either. The Dawn Chorus project want records from urban, suburban and rural areas. Just download the app, set your alarm and enjoy one of nature’s special moments – maybe with a strong cup of coffee! 🙂