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Posted on April 29, 2018

Natural Apptitude are working with a digital skills accelerator to support greater diversity in the tech sector.

Working towards a more balanced tech sector

Picture a typical team of developers, earphones in, focusing hard on their code.  Now, think about how many people in that image are women.  Chances are, not many, if any at all.

The demographics of the tech sector are heavily skewed.  Men account for the vast majority of those working in the industry, and of those, most are white and from middle-class backgrounds.  This is a trend that needs redressing if our technological sector is to grow and flourish into a mature, equitable and appropriate sector reflecting our modern, multi-cultural society.

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DevelopMe_, a Bristol talent and digital skills accelerator, has begun running a 6-week, part-time, front-end coding course with subsidised places (drawn from DevelopMe_’s ‘Opportunity Fund’) for recent mothers, and members of BAME (black, asian, minority ethnic) communities. The course runs on a flexible schedule and is designed to fit around working day childcare restrictions.  And upon completion, successful graduates are able to build and host responsive websites.

DevelopMe - Supporting greater diversity in the tech sector


Here at Natural Apptitude, we are acutely aware that our team fits a bit too perfectly into the classic “team of developers” stereotype alluded to above.  So to help address this lack of diversity, we have supported the ‘Opportunity Fund’ and helped to subsidise places on their part-time coding course.

If you’re interested in a career in the tech industry, or want to find out more about this course in particular, then why not get in touch with DevelopMe_ at  It might just be your first step to entirely new and exciting career.