Data Privacy Policy

Thank you for your interest in the “Mammal Tracker” app. This page explains how any personal data collected in the process of using this application will be stored and used.

Records collected by application

Submitted records will be stored on a secure server at the Biological Records Centre, where The Mammal Society and the network of County Mammal Recorders can access them for verification. Once verified, records will be passed on to the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) for use in mammal atlases. Your details will not be passed on to anyone else. We ask for your details because we may wish to follow up your sighting.

Species data (accompanied by your name but no other personal details) will be uploaded to the National Biodiversity Network Gateway.


The first time you submit a record, you will need to create an account with the Biological Records Centre iRecord system: This is a quick and easy process which enables you to log into iRecord to keep track of all of your records and to see those submitted by other people. Your name, as specified in the app, will appear next to your records and will be publicly viewable.

E-mail address

To create an account you will need to supply your e-mail address. This will only be used in order to validate your account and possibly, to send you occasional relevant information about the project. You can opt out at any time by e-mailing us at with the words “Unsubscribe MaWSE” in the subject.

How long will my data be stored?

Your submitted records will be stored indefinitely and will be used to help The Mammal Society gain a greater understanding of the distribution of mammals across the the British Isles. The records will contribute to a South East Mammal Atlas, in addition to the first National Mammal Atlas in over 20 years. These will be used to advise conservation decisions for mammals

Who will have access to my personal data?

No one outside of the MaWSE partnership, Bristol University and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology will have access to your email address. Unless required by law, data will not be made available to any 3rd parties unless:

Third parties may include researchers and scientists from outside the MaWSE partnership.

Use of images submitted with the app

By submitting a photograph with this app you:

By submitting a photograph using the app you warrant that the photograph is entirely your own work and has not been copied in whole, or in part, from any 3rd party and does not infringe any 3rd party intellectual property rights.

You waive all moral rights in, and arising from, your photograph(s), but retain ownership of the copyright in your photograph(s) as its author.

Where possible you will receive credit for the reproduction of your work on, or next to your photograph, although we reserve the right to exclude a direct attribution where this affects the aesthetic of the reproduction.