This page explains how any personal data you submit to the LeafWatch app will be stored and used.


You will need to create a user account for the app in order to submit records. If you choose to create a user account for the app, this will also create an account on the Conker Tree Science website This enables you to login in and see your records and those submitted by other people. Your name, when registering, will appear next to your records and will be veiwable by other people who have registered through the app or website.

E-mail address

To create an account you will need to supply your e-mail address. This will only be used in order to validate your account and send you occasional relevant information about the project. You can opt out at any time with the link at the bottom of the email.

Once you have submitted a sighting it is possible, in exceptional circumstances, that experts working with Conker Tree Science may contact you for further information to confirm your record.

Records submitted through the app

All data collected through submission of records will be stored on a secure server at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. Records that are verified will be passed to the NBN Gateway and records in new areas will be passed on to Forest Research in the UK and Moths Ireland in Ireland. Anonymised data may also be published in association with scientific studies of the data.

How long will my data be stored?

Your submitted records will be stored indefinitely and will be used to help scientists better understand the horse chestnut miner's distribution and movement through the UK.

Who will have access to my personal data?

No one outside of the Conker Tree Science project will have access to your email address. Unless required by law, personal data will not be made available to any 3rd parties unless they are directly related to the project; and we have obtained your permission to do so.

Third parties may include researchers and scientists from outside the Conker Tree Science project.

Use of images submitted with the app

By submitting a photograph with this app you:

By submitting a photograph using the app you warrant that the photograph is entirely your own work and has not been copied in whole, or in part, from any 3rd party and does not infringe any 3rd party intellectual property rights.

You waive all moral rights in, and arising from, your photograph(s), but retain ownership of the copyright in your photograph(s) as its author.

Where possible you will receive credit for the reproduction of your work on, or next to your photograph, although we reserve the right to exclude a direct attribution where this affects the aesthetic of the reproduction.